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Friday, March 30, 2007

Off Subject---American Idol Buzz--Sanjaya

Please NOTE---I don't ever blog about TV topics, and I just posted a new one earlier tonight (see below) on getting your husband to talk to you, so be sure to scroll down and catch it.
I thought I'd jump into a fairly hot controversy that's raging right now. My husband and I enjoy American Idol each week, as we like getting to know the singers and really enjoy many of the voices. But we've been surprised that Sanjaya has remained while a number of talented singers have been voted off. Not that he doesn't seem like a sweet enough kid, but in my humble opinion, the boy can't sing as well as many who've left.
I just read several articles posted on the web from major papers across the nation. Apparently, there's a lot of hype on web sites, blogs and even on TV to keep 'the worst singer' on the show. Simon is saying he'll quit the show if Sanjaya wins and it could change the entire face of the show, if not kill it.
I'm urging people to vote honestly for the BEST singers, who truly deserve to win. It would be a shame to see truly talented people who have worked hard have to leave. Just my two cents worth tonight!

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