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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Cover Update and Free Book Reminder

It's been an amazing week....first the call from my agent about the possibility of a movie, then I get a chance to be involved in the art for the cover of my book. I was given the opportunity to take a shot at setting up a photo op that we thought might be appropriate, and the wonderful people at Kregel were awesome enough to allow me to try.

I got some great shots, and they're taking a look at them now. There's a good chance they'll work and my photo will be on the front of my book. Now how cool is that! Another week or two, and I might even get to post the cover on my blog. It's also very possible that the book cover will be posted online on Amazon and Barnes and Noble by the end of April.

Please remember to leave a comment on one of the blogs this month that pertain to my book, if you want your name put into the drawing for the signed copy. Only one more week left to go, and you might be a winner!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wow, Miralee, now that I know the movie story, it's even more amazing. I'll be praying with you, too, that the Lord is your agent, Kregel, the reviewer, and all those involved. Amen!


PS can't wait to read The Other Daughter!

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