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Friday, March 9, 2007

Book Title Has Been Decided!

It looks like it's final. I got an email from my publisher today and he tells me that the marketing team has decided the title is to be....

The Other Daughter

My title, Yesterday's Child, was being used by a number of books and they wanted something that was representative of the tension inherant in the story line as well as giving a hint to the plot.

The cover is being worked on right now and I was told I'd get to take a peek at it, as soon as it's a little further along. I won't be able to share it immediately, but as soon as I have permission, I'll post a pic of it here. It's also looking like the book might be released in October, if all goes well. Exciting stuff to be in time for Christmas giving!


Katie said...

Hi Miralee,
Congratulations on your book! and I like your blog. Thanks for the
"welcome" over at ACFW. You said you live close to Portland? A couple of times a year my husband has business in Portland and I get to tag along. Would you be up for getting together? He just did Portland a few weeks ago, drat!

Cathy West said...

Great stuff! I can feel your excitement!

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