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Friday, December 1, 2006

Promised Info on Bio Mass/Energy Invention & More

A few days ago I mentioned an invention of my husbands that was to be released on the news this week. The media day has been delayed for two weeks, for a little more fine tuning on the machinery, but I'll give you some info now, as promised.

About two years ago the Lord gave my husband an idea for a device that could create energy by using friction. There is no outside heat source, but sawdust can be superheated by using friction & only one moving part, and create fuel from the sawdust.

If you've ever watched through the window of a wood stove, you'll see the flames dancing and wavering as the wood burns. That's gas being released from the wood as it heats, and the gas is burning, creating a very hot fire. There is over 50 gals of oil that can be used as fuel in one cord of douglas fir. The problem has always been, how to extract it efficiently, without consuming more power by extracting it, than you're able to procure from the wood itself. Allen found a way to do that, and with the help of his parter David, they built a dryer to first dry the sawdust, again using friction and no outside heat source, then built a gasifier to turn the sawdust into gas. It can be captured, and run through a condenser and separated into a gas that's similar to natural gas, as well as an oil that can be turned into diesel.

That's putting it all very simply, but in essence they've found a way to create much, much more energy, than what they're using to extract it, and do so at a very low cost. Large saw mille, generator plants, pellet plants, garbage dumps (yes, it will also burn garbage & sewage, when mixed with equal parts of sawdust), and many other businesses, as well as individuals, will benefit from this. Imagine taking all your grass clippings, brush, leaves, even small branches & scrap wood...chipping it if needed, and running it through your own little home unit to produce diesel to run your own generator. Or a farmer can take his excess wheat that's rotting in the silos or hay that's molded, and create his own fuel for his machinery.

I'll post a picture of the dryer when google allows me, as blogger is undergoing some maintenance right now. Check back with me again, for updates on our invention!


On a more personal front, it's finally starting to warm up & the snow is slowly melting! Yippee! The first day of December hit a balmy 49 degrees today. I'm back to working on the revisions on my book and hoping to have it finalized & submitted to publishers by mid January at the lates. Tomorrow, off to Portland with my daughter to pick up the double sink vanity we need for our guest bathroom, while my husband and son hang siding.

We'll get back to marriage & family later this week end. If you have any questions about the gasifier or dryer, don't hesitate to ask. And if any of you get news channels out of Portland, Oregon, let me know. I'll post the day & time our coverage will air.

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