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Monday, December 4, 2006

Good News!!! Newest On My Book

Yahoo!!! I'm feeling a bit like Tigger this morning, kicking up my heels
and dancing! I just got a call from my agent, saying we have an offer on
the table for my book.

Now that doesn't mean I've signed a contract yet, but it does mean we're in the negotiating stage & on the way to a contract. If the publisher is able to get final approval on some details from the full committee today, I'll know more by days end. Otherwise, he'll be gone the remainder of the week, and we'll tie things up the first of next week. I'll post an update as soon as I know.

If I do sign with them, the cover of the book will be produced & in
my hands by February (wow, that's just too cool in itself!) and the book will be available in book stores Aug or Sept of 2007. Not sure if they'll be keeping the title of Yesterday's Child or not, we'll see.

More when I know....thanks to those of you who've been prayer warriors for me and for all the support I've gotten this past year.

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