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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Starting Out On This Journey

Wow! Where to start! Maybe a little intro first, and telling you what I'm hoping to accomplish with this blog.

I'm many things...Christian, (all my life pretty much), wife of 34 years, mom of two grown kids, a daughter age 31 & son age 28, soon to be in my small church where I serve on staff, lover of Christian fiction, both reading & writing.

I've been on many journeys during the course of my 50+ years (altho at heart I'm still very much 29!). I've followed my husbands dreams that have taken us from our home in the beautiful Pacific N.W., to the San Juan Islands, Alaska, and short jaunts that were work related, in Idaho & California. We finally chose to settle permanently back in Washington State and shift focus from the aircraft maintence industry to owning a saw mill for 15 years.

Now that phase has ended as we've sold our half of the business to our partner and decided to move on to other adventures. I've started my own adventure, embarking into the world of writing Christian fiction about a year ago. My hope is that the Lord will use my stories, both fiction and non-fiction, to touch the lives of women, bringing hope and healing where needed.

I'll blog about things that have happened in our lives that might interest you, amuse or entertain you, but also, hopefully, things that will minister to you.

I'll post short stories from time to time on this blog, as well as give you updates on my journey to publication, when and if that happens. I'll list places on the web that minister to women and bring encouragement to marriages. For you see, I too have been in a hard place in my marriage.

My husband and I are happily married now, but that hasn't always been the case. Our early years were filled with stress, tears and my husband turning to alcohol, when he chose to go down his own path and drift away from the Lord. He was a baby Christian when we married at the young age of not quite 19 & 20 yrs old. I'd been raised in a Christian home and had a solid foundation of faith, but his was still very tenuous. Breaking away from old friends was a struggle for him, and our tiny church had no other men near his age who could take the place of the old friends. Lack of discipleship and teaching, along with outside influences at work and with friends, pulled him back to where he'd been before knowing the Lord. Years went by, with our marriage bouncing around like a wild, out of control yo-yo. I was tempted to leave more than once, but stayed because I believed so strongly in marriage and truly loved my husband.

Don't get me wrong. I wasn't perfect. My immature responses to his problems often drove him away from me and away from the Lord. My tears, anger, hurt and desire to change & control him, had the opposite effect. It drove a wedge between us and caused a breach that only the Lord would be able to heal. Only by the Grace of God did we continue together, and even then, the stress was tangible.

I hope my posts here can minister to others in similar situations...women whose marriages haven't yet come out the other side and into a place of peace and wholeness. Believe me when I say, I understand where you are & how you're hurting, and I offer you hope that God does indeed change lives and heal broken relationships. He did it for us, and He wants to do it for you. Don't give up, if you've been praying for your marriage. Keep praying and believing God.

Please feel free to write....I don't have a lot of time and I won't be able to answer you privately. But I'll do my best to address questions or comments here on my blog. God bless you all!!!


Judy said...

Miralee, your blog is beautiful! It's set up perfectly.
I think we were twins separated at birth LOL...I was not quite 19 when we married (39 years in Dec), our son is 31, and we share our home with 2 very spoiled German shepherds!I can so identify with the immaturity you confessed to in your own marriage. I was a practicing Catholic, but didn't really begin to follow Jesus till almost 10 years into our marriage.
Keep blogging! It's a ministry, too.

Judy said...

PS...there's a page where you can set something up to authenticate the posting - so spammers don't get you!

Mirtika said...

Congratulations on your new blog. :)

I hope you enjoy the journey. :)


GeorgianaD said...

Your picture is beautiful! You don't look like you could be married for 34 years! Blogging is fun, so enjoy yourself! I'll bookmark you :-)

Megan DiMaria said...

Congratulations on starting your blog. God bless your writing ministry.

A prisoner of hope,
Megan DiMaria

:-)Ronie said...

Miralee - I'm glad you've gotten your blog up--and you did such a great job!! Congrats!!

Marion Kelley Bullock said...

I enjoyed your blog. You're doing a great job. Keep up the good work.

Judy said...

I remember going through almost the same things at the same time in our own marriage/business struggles as we would get together and talk, I always knew you understood. Congratulation again!
God is good isn't He

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