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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Cosmetics, Inventions And Happy Thanksgiving!

Poor Tom, Trying To Sleep and Smoke, Ever the Pest!

One of my cats is snuggled on my lap, trying to sleep while I busily type. Poor Thomas, he'll give up soon and hop down, and I'll head to bed. But I wanted to join you for a moment & try to catch up a little.

This is such a busy time of year! I'm sure you're in the same fix...rushing around, baking pies & getting the house ready for company during the holiday season. Too many days have gone by since I've taken the time to chat with you here. I'll try to post more again tomorrow evening, after we return from my mother's, where our grown kids will join us, along with my 97 year old Grandmother.

The pies are all baked (pumpkin and apple this year) and I'm happily tired, looking forward to a nice day with family. We'd planned on meeting at our home, but it's harder for my grandmother to navigate, so we changed to my mother's. I'm a bit relieved, as it meant less cleaning for me today!

For you ladies who have husbands or men in your life who are interested in inventions...or are fascinated with alternative sources of energy that could change the way we look at fuel, keep your eyes open over the next week. I'll be sharing a bit about a new invention my husband and his partner built, that is patented & going to hit the market soon. It deals with bio mass---alternative energy, and we already have some large corporations looking at it with interest.

For you ladies who might enjoy trying new types of cosmetics, here's a little commercial for you...a tidbit of info that I haven't shared before. Have any of you have ever heard of Catherine Hickland (soap opera star)? She started a cosmetic company called Cat Cosmetics (not for cats, but named after her nickname), an awesome line of make-up that I use exclusively. I'm the only authorized retailer they allow to sell on ebay & one of the only ones who sell online, apart from them. I always offer friends and family a good ladies, that means YOU! Send me an email at if you'd like a catalog, or would like more information on prices and products. I'm always happy to send tiny color samples too, just for the price of postage & packaging, or totally free with any order.

I'll get back to my subject of Men vs Women, and the differences and needs, in my next post. I'd love to hear from some of you that come back to visit here. Please leave a comment, let me know what you think of the blog so far, or tell me the type of things you'd like to know more about... or drop me an email if you're shy about posting. And check back with me often, I'll try to stay on a schedule of no less than 2-3 posts per week, more if I have time!

Hugs and Happy Thanksgiving!!!


Lynetta said...

Hi Miralee,
Enjoyed your blog! Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Miralee. Well I'm happy to say that you're absolutely right. There seems to be no way to leave a comment. Since I'm a techo-dope I won't begin to tell you how to fix it. But I enjoyed your posts.
Mary Connealy
I'm posting as anonymous because I can't get the other stuff to work. :(

Miralee said...

Hi Lynetta & Mary, thanks for the notes. I finally got the comment section figured out & fixed and all future posts should have it enabled. I hope you both have a wonderful holiday season & will join me here from time to time.

Hugs, Miralee

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